Upon arriving to Paris, France, you will probably be amazed by the tourist attractions, monuments and Parisian scenery.
Blended in the air, lies the mysterious atmosphere of the historic city of Paris, her beauty is beyond your perception and soon you will discover that you just can't get enough of the city of Paris.

Mondial shuttle service is one of the best shuttle services in Paris area, serving throughout a dozen destinations, and by far more efficient than the normal means of transportation such as trains or taxi cabs.

To me, the idea of spending more than a few thousands of dollars on a family trip, and then saving a few dollars by taking a train from the airport while dragging around certain family members and their luggage to and from the train station, or even better - paying a lot of money on taxi cabs (did you know that there is a limit to the number of passengers a taxi service in Paris can carry? 3 is the maximum!) that charge you extra for luggage and traffic jams...

Here are some pictures of Paris city, amazing scenery and buildings


Mondial shuttle service is ready to take you to these amazing locations including Disneyland Paris, Paris city, and Versailles gardens or even to / from airports - Orly, Beauvais, Charles De Gaulle
Mondial shuttle service has both private service and a shared shuttle service.
Mondial shuttle provides an easy and economical way for door to door transportation between your hotel in Paris city center and CDG, Orly and Beauvais airports.
Our fleet of vehicles consists of mini vans with a maximum of 8 seats for passengers, all equipped with air condition and an internal communication system to provide a fast and flexible service.
A very large ample space in luggage vans will hold all your baggage you can carry, and we provide child seats as well (Please coordinate child seat number with us)

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